Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Konami Code Strikes Facebook
and Maybe your Webpage as Well

The Konami Code is quite possibly the most famous cheat code ever devised.

It has been placed in games more ways than one and has now creeped it's way into becoming an easter egg for several sites across the internet. While the ESPN Konami code (that many of you may have heard about on Kotaku) is no longer working:

You can jump around the internet to see which ones are after going here:

Just enter the code using your keyboard.

But how about if you want to add the code to your own site?
Well, head on over to Travis Morris Website: Here.

He's got a pretty easy to install script.

For right now, I have to find a place to live and take my mom to her automobile appointment. But the rest of you can have fun exploring the Internet and testing out which sites do or do not work. Pretty soon I'll add the code to my Webpage.


The Neon Wind

**Special thanks to Travis Ripley for the facebook Heads up on this.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Internet Comics

For some reason internet comics following a continuous story are a little lesser known. I suppose it's because when you send someone a comic link you usually want it to be short and funny. That doesn't mean the long term comics can't be funny, i just means there's a bit of impatience when it comes to internet comics.

Here are a few series that either continue the story with a punch line on every page or are just so awesome it's worth being patient:

Power Puff Girls Doujinshi:

During the last comicon Cartoon Network was giving out mouse pads to a new online game series. I walked up to the sales lady and said: "Power Puff Doujinshi!"

Her reply was: "No it's not Power Puff Doujinshi, but your the nineth person to say that to me today. Who is this bleedman guy?"

Long before someone was hired by cartoon network to work on the online game, similar designs were created for Bleedman's online comic Power Puff Doujinshi. Explore the page and you'll find even more parodies.

You'd expect Scott to have his hands full with VGcats but his newer series, Super Effective, packs just as much parody while following the Pokemon Kanto storyline. There's a joke on every page but the connection to the Pokemon Series has you wondering what kind of take he'll have on the next event. While most of the jokes expect you to have played Pokemon they're are several you'll get while being completely oblivious.

Dr. McNinja:

"Is the doctor fighting Mexicans on raptors? He is..! He is fighting Mexicans on Raptors. There are patients waiting to be seen. I ought to give him a piece of my mind!"

Dr. Mcninja started on a mission to stop Ronald McDonald's secret plan for world domination. A strange series that flops back and forth between somewhat making sense and being randomly awesome, Dr. McNinja is definitely up there as an Internet Literary Classic.


The Neon Wind

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Rock, Paper, Scissors is not just a competitive sport. It's a game with an expanded version:

That has also been made into a flash game.

I still can't figure out who made the original chart.

In eighth grade I decided to participate in a Rock Paper Scissors tournament. I lost round 3, and all I can say is:

People Cheat!


The Neon Wind

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

1999 Article Describing The Emerging Pokemon Card Game Phenomenon

I was adventuring though the internet when I found THIS.

For some reason I felt like sharing old news.


The Neon Wind

A Pug Maximizes your Puppy Pulling Power

I think every guy has had at least one friend that intentionally brings a puppy along so that women will wobble on over squeeling: "How cute!" or "Oh my God How adorable."

Personally, I can't stand it when anyone acts like that. It makes me want to take a frying pan to their face. But for the girls who love to suddenly swoon over a young carnivorous mammal, and the guys who love to see them do so, there's a website that dedicates itself to strapping a camera to a puppies face and studying female reactions.

Hence the term: "Puppy Pulling Power". The video itself notes that while Samoyed yields quantity, pugs bring the quality that Yorkies do while at a greater amount.

I have some advice for the ladies:

Make sure you know the motives before touching a man's dog.


The Neon Wind